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Before you Wake


The Between - a moment that exists for the brief time between awakening and becoming fully aware. Otherworldly beings and creatures of the imagination known as Shadowfigures travel The Between nightly visiting sleeping humans or hosts. Each being has their own desire or goal that they must accomplish to continue existence. Some act as muses, and are fueled by the creativity of the human mind.... others known as The Decayed bring nightmares and feed upon suffering.

Sometimes humans make a connection to the Between. Some are unable to move from their own bed with sleep paralysis, seemingly helpless while they watch some of these creatures feed on their fear or catching glimpses of shadowy figures staring at them from a dark corner. Once in a while, a human will make such a strong connection to the Between on awakening that the otherworldly beings get stuck and are unable to move on.

Beth, 14 finds herself in this situation. This night she awakens to a Shadowfigure watching her from a dark corner of her room. This is where our story begins.


Before You Wake will be a 2-click interface game in which you interact with the Shadowfigures currently inhabiting Beth's home. Shadowfigures that get stuck are limited to existing in dark places such as dark corners, under beds, and in closets. Each Shadowfigure has a goal that must accomplish before the night's end, or will become The Decayed. The Decayed are the monsters that haunt people nightly, driving some to insanity. Beth must help the Shadowfigures or face a future forever plagued each night by vicious beings.


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Finished another Character portrait. I really need to switch out though and work on rooms and actual character sprites.

Right now I can only put it a couple hours a week. I'm not much of an artist, so it takes me a long time to produce some of these animations and rooms that are quite "simple" looking. I also need to get to work starting to put together things into a more cohesive story with gameplay. Right now things are very barebones.

I'd love to be able to pay some people to do the art so I can concentrate on writing, but it isn't in the cards right now. I'm not at  the level where I have the skill or confidence trying to run something like an indiegogo campaign or a kickstarter at this juncture. Maybe when things get a little more cohesive I might think about it, but right now I'm still aiming for this to be a small self-made project. 

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Still plugging away at character portrait

Game is still in very early development. You can follow me on twitter for the latest @durindeplays